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2014 Florida Cancer Plan Priority Strategies Florida Cancer

Objective 1 2 1: By June 2014, assist the statewide cancer registry, the Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS), in outreach activities to increase the number of urologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, medical oncologists, radiation

Georgia Cancer Plan 2014-2019

May 2014 Georgia Department of Public Health Atlanta, Georgia Acknowledgements: The authors and Steering Team of the Georgia Cancer Control Consortium wishes to acknowledge the volunteer efforts of the many stakeholders throughout the state who worked diligently in revising the Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan Over 80 individuals

CanCer australia

The Cancer Australia Strategic Plan 2014–2019 can be downloaded from the Cancer Australia website: www canceraustralia gov au or ordered by telephone: 1800 624 973 Recommended citation Cancer Australia, 2014 Cancer Australia Strategic Plan 2014–2019, Cancer Australia, Surry Hills, NSW

Uganda - WHO

Has a cancer registry Breast cancer Not generally available at the public primary health care level Faecal occult blood test or faecal immunological test Colorectal cancer Tobacco taxes 26–50 of retail price is tax Has an operational policy, strategy or action plan for reducing overweight/obesity 78


cancer prevention and control activities, to see to the development of a national cancer control Plan and a functional cancer registry and to advice the Government on the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of cancer prevention and control As part of its mandate, the NCCSC developed the national cancer control plan A national


Vision, Mission, Goals, Guiding Principles 4 Plan Evolution 5 Health Disparities 6-7 Hawaii’s Cancer Burden 8-9 Plan Framework 10-11 CONTENTS HAWAI‘I STATE CANCER PLAN 2016 - 2020

Cancer Delivery Plan for Wales 2016-2020

2013 cancer patient experience survey also showed that 96 of respondents rated their care positively 3 The cancer plan has created a common vision for the service 1 Ahmad, A, S Ormiston-Smith, N and Sasieni, P, D (2015) Trends in the lifetime risk of developing cancer in Great Britain: comparison of risk for those born from 1930 to 1960

Le)Programmede Dépistage) OrganiséduCancer ColoRectal) (PDOCCR))

Commentseformelecancer colorectal?) 3 Certains polypes évoluent en cancer sur une période de 10 ans environ Sur 1000 polypes, 25 deviendront un cancer colorectal


É TICAS EN I NVESTIGACIONES CON S ERES H UMANOS Ahora que usted está casi listo para planificar y hacer una evaluación de la comunidad, incluyendo colección de datos de los residentes de la comunidad, es importante que usted lea esta sección para identificar algunos riesgos potenciales o consideraciones éticas

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