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the Hawaii Cancer Plan 2004-2009 This plan outlines goals and priorities that will assist Hawaii in making further progress toward reducing the burden of cancer in the present and future The "No More Cancer" Strategic Plan provides the state with a com-prehensive,integrated plan of action that highlights strategies targeting cancer educa-

2009-2013 Washington State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan

The Washington CARES About Cancer Partnership is pleased to present the 2009-2013 Washington Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan To create this plan, WA CARES members and partners examined the current burden of cancer in Washington State, contributing risk factors, and methods to effectively

Cancer Control Success Stories - Maryland

2009 Maryland Cancer Registry 2 3 per 100,000 2009 Maryland Vital Statistics MATCH Less than 6 7 per 100,000 1 4 per 100,000 The Cancer Plan does not set incidence targets for all seven targeted cancers Incidence updates are provided only for cancers with incidence targets in the Cancer Plan Seven Targeted Cancers Incidence and Mortality Updates

Cancer Prevention and Control in Alaska

deaths The Alaska Cancer Registry (ACR) began collecting data on all new cancer cases (incidence) in Alaska on January 1, 1996 Between 1996 and 2006 there were 24,790 Alaskans diagnosed with malignant cancer During that same time period 7,596 Alaskans died of the disease Cancer is the only reportable chronic disease and the only chronic

State of Tennessee

of cancer disparities, cancer advocacy, health literacy, surveillance and lifestyle and environment that appeared in the 2009-2012 plan remain in the 2013-2017 plan New chapters in lung cancer, independent of tobacco related cancers, navigation, hematological cancers, and genetics were added to this version of the plan to remain cutting

ForwardHealth Update Revised 2009-38 Woman Diagnosed

the BadgerCare Plus Benchmark Plan or the BadgerCare Plus Core Plan for Adults with No Dependent Children will be eligible for enrollment in Wisconsin Well Woman Medicaid Enrollment Requirements for Wisconsin Well Woman Medicaid Effective on July 15, 2009, women who are diagnosed with breast cancer or cervical cancer while enrolled in


Vision, Mission, Goals, Guiding Principles 4 Plan Evolution 5 Health Disparities 6-7 Hawaii’s Cancer Burden 8-9 Plan Framework 10-11 CONTENTS HAWAI‘I STATE CANCER PLAN 2016 - 2020


Cancer Control Plan (CCC Plan) is an updated framework for action created by partners of the Montana Cancer Coalition (MTCC) to address the substantial burden of cancer in Montana The ive-year plan delivers to planners, providers, policy-makers, the public health community, and other stakeholders a common set of objectives and strategies designed


Comprehensive HIV Prevention Plan, Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Plan, and Plan to Eliminate Childhood Lead Poisoning are examples of comprehensive health improvement planning efforts in our state The Guide and Template for Comprehensive Health Improvement Planning was created

National Infrastructure Protection Plan: 2009

6 2 2 National Critical Infrastructure Protection R&D Plan 90 6 2 3 Other R&D That Supports CIKR Protection 91 6 2 4 DHS Science and Technology Strategic Framework 91 6 2 5 Transitioning Requirements Into Reality 91 Table of Contents v

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