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United States Cancer Statistics

United States Cancer Statistics 2014 Technical Notes Background The Impact of Cancer Cancer is the second-leading cause of death among Americans One of every four deaths in the United States is due to cancer 1 2 The 2017 United States Cancer Statistics report indicates in 2014 (the most recent year of


• In 2017, Oklahoma has the 4th highest colorectal cancer mortality rate in the nation Note: 2018 US data has not been released yet, thus for ranking purposes 2017 data was used L UNG C ANCER B URDEN – M ORTALITY , 2009-2018

Greater Manchester Cancer

The Greater Manchester cancer plan 7 6 In 2014, cancer was September 2016 set out the ‘must dos’ for 2017-19 for every local system In cancer it

Cancer Delivery Plan for Wales 2016-2020

2013 cancer patient experience survey also showed that 96 of respondents rated their care positively 3 The cancer plan has created a common vision for the service 1 Ahmad, A, S Ormiston-Smith, N and Sasieni, P, D (2015) Trends in the lifetime risk of developing cancer in Great Britain: comparison of risk for those born from 1930 to 1960

2018 Texas Cancer Plan

The 2012 Texas Cancer Plan identified baseline data points for many of the cancer plan goals and objectives The latest available data (2014 to 2017) was compared to the baselines in the 2012 Texas Cancer Plan to evaluate progress We have highlighted some of these differences below:

CanCer australia

The Cancer Australia Strategic Plan 2014–2019 can be downloaded from the Cancer Australia website: www canceraustralia gov au or ordered by telephone: 1800 624 973 Recommended citation Cancer Australia, 2014 Cancer Australia Strategic Plan 2014–2019, Cancer Australia, Surry Hills, NSW

Nursing Diagnoses 2015-17

2015–2017 8 Changes to slotting of current diagnoses within the NANDA-I Taxonomy II, 2015–2017 11 Table 1 3 Slotting Changes to NANDA-I Nursing Diagnoses, 2015–2017 11 Revisions to nursing diagnosis labels within the NANDA-I Taxonomy II, 2015–2017 11 Nursing diagnoses removed from the NANDA-I Taxonomy II, 2015–2017 11

Onondaga County Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan

5 Onondaga County Community Health Improvement Plan Tracking and Revision Process 6 Onondaga County Health Equity Coalition Member Agencies 7 Onondaga County Drug Task Force Member Agencies 8 Data Tables 9 Data Technical Notes 10 Map: People Living Below Poverty Level in the City of Syracuse, 2013-2017 11


of patients admitted with cancer 1 2 2 Reduce the burden of violence and SECTOR STRATEGIC AND INVESTMENT PLAN – KHSSP July 2012 – June 2017 Priority HRH

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